Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tasting Notes: GT's Cherry Chia Kombucha

My feelings toward this Cherry Chia Kombucha from GT's are not unlike my feelings for Jersey Shore: equal parts curiosity, fascination, disgust, and cringing awkwardness. This is cherry flavored kombucha...with things floating in it. I approach things in my kombucha that are not either a) the scoby, b) fruit, or c) bubbles with a healthy caution.

Have you heard of chia seeds? Apparently they are powerhouses of nutritional awesomeness. Enough omega-3s, fiber, and protein are packed in these sesame-sized seeds to make your mama happy. Flax seeds, take a hike.

Chia seeds also develop a viscous coating when mixed with liquids, hence the gravity-defying suspension act in this kombucha. This quality is put to good use in things like smoothies, puddings, and vegan baked goods. But something I enjoy swigging by the pint? Especially a fizzy drink like kombucha?

An informed opinion cannot be gained by looking at the bottle. Let's taste test!

Verdict: ...Meh?

The cherry flavor was excellent. Cherries are my most favorite fruit of all time and it's so disappointing when they are poorly represented in other forms. I'm happy to report that the cherry flavor here was tart and fresh and a just the right amount of sweet. Spot on. Now that cherries are nearly back in season, I will definitely need to try making some cherry kombucha of my own.

The chia seeds were...weird. You don't chew them, though instinct says that you should. There's just something deeply strange about taking a sip of something cold and fizzy, and then feeling hundreds of semi-gelatinous blobs slip over your tongue and down your throat before you have time to process what is happening. It's awkward in an alien invasion kind of way.

Bottom line: the flavor is great, but the odd texture just doesn't do it for me. Sorry, GT's. I tried. I love bubble tea, I love crunchy seed-filled muffins, I love kombucha. But I just don't love chia seeds here.

Have you tried any of these chia-filled kombuchas from GT's? What do you think of them?


  1. "...feeling hundreds of semi-gelatinous blobs slip over your tongue and down your throat..." That right there is why I will not drink chia seeds. But isn't bubble tea full of gelatinous blobs too? Do you eat the ones in the bubble tea?

    Love the pictures of you and this drink. Very funny!

  2. I tried the grape chia seed and thought it was great! Love the invasion I guess :)

  3. I'm crazy about these drinks. The flavors are fantastic and I quickly learned to love the chia blobs, knowing how packed with omegas they are. And maybe it's just a placebo effect, but I really do feel comfortably energized by them. I wish I could buy in bulk.

  4. Not a fan. I'd rather brew at home and consume the seeds elsewhere (because they are great for you).

    love the blog!

  5. I tried the Black Chia flavor today and it is great! I love the little seeds, it makes your drink exciting :)

  6. I LOVE these drinks, unfortunately I cant get them in Germany, so when in the USA I drink them every day.

  7. I LOVE Chia Konbucha, unfortunately I can't get it in Germany, so I make it myself, wish that it would be sold here too. When I'm in the USA I drink it every day.

  8. As usual, I'm a day late (and more than a dollar short) but my local supermarket just started carrying this product and I tried it. I LOVE the gooey globs of chia...it's my favorite part of the drink. There's something refreshing yet filling and satisfying about it.

    The product is fairly expensive ($3.29 a bottle, I think), but I drink it as a meal replacement. $3.00 for lunch isn't expensive at all; cheaper than a Starbucks!

  9. The chia seeds are a terrible addition. Just terrible.