Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seven Snaps: Goat Edition! 4/21/12 - 4/27/12

Baby goats! Hello!
I'm still tied up with finishing my cookbook manuscript, so I bring you seven snaps of adorable goats! These pictures were all taken at Redwood Hill Farm, a goat farm and creamery up near Sebastopol in Sonoma County. They invited a bunch of cheese-obsessed food bloggers to come chillax with the goats for the day and sample their tasty dairy products.
Maggy of Three Many Cooks and Marla of Family Fresh Cooking -- Teacup poodles are old news. Baby goats are where it's at.

Feeding time!
Shauna of Gluten-Free Girl -- Snuggle time!

Old mamas ready to get milked.
Rumors of tin-can-chewing goats are greatly exaggerated. Apparently they nibble clothes (and cameras) to learn about their environment, just like babies. Science!
And while technically this shot should go in next week's round up, this is my birthday ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery. Rhubarb + Coconut = In my belly

I'm totally smitten with Redwood Hill's goat and the treats they make with their milk. And I do mean treats, because how could apricot-mango yogurt and teensy rounds of aged goat cheese not be considered treats? Also, the smoked cheddar had me at hello.

Redwood Hills is a small, family-owned farm tucked into a lush Sonoma valley with views of vineyards on all sides. Totally solar powered. Totally clean and cared for. Totally idyllic. By the end of the day, I was ready for the Bice family to adopt me — though with nine brothers and sisters, they probably think they have a big enough family as it is.

Their yogurts, kefirs, milks, and cheeses are distributed at Whole Foods and other stores nationwide, so definitely seek them out. They also have some open-house days coming up, so stop by for your own baby goat cuddles if you're in the neighborhood!
Redwood Hill Farm, 5480 Thomas Road, Sebastopol, CA, 95472 (707) 823-8250
I didn't actually intend for this post to turn into a love-fest for Redwood Hill Farm, but that's totally what happened. Love will not be contained. I also have lots more pictures from the farm stashed away on my grownup camera. (Including a shot of yours truly milking a goat. What what?!) Never fear, this is not the last you've seen of my new baby goat obsession.

(Information for this post was gathered during a press trip to Redwood Hill Farm. All views and opinions expressed in this post my own.)


  1. Hey, Emma! Great post! We look forward to seeing new friends and old at our farm tours.

    **Please carpool, as parking is limited!**

    Details here: http://www.redwoodhill.com/events

  2. Um best day! I had so much fun hanging out with you, and the goats, and the Bices. Here's to more awesome hangouts and Happy birthday, love thanks for bringing me a present on your own birthday.