Monday, January 21, 2013

Seven Snaps! 1/5/13 - 1/18/13

Precarious perch.

Go time.

Anjali on the first morning of our Kitchn editor's retreat

Documenting the documenting of our afternoon tea, like a blogging pro


More snacks!

Snack close-up. Ahem.

Subject: Cambria; Occasion: Cocktail hour; Mood: Content

Jeni's Ice Cream in Columbus, OH. How I miss you.

Self-portrait. Trying to get my brain to be a little kinder in its judgement of my body this year.

A favorite book from my teenage years, liberated from my parents' shelf and properly ensconced on my bedside table.
Hello, ladies.
Astute followers of Seven Snaps will observe that this double round-up only includes 12 photos rather than the series-consistent 14. Not sure where my mojo went this week - maybe it's the past two months of travel catching up to me? Maybe I was slightly embarrassed by the number of cat photos I was already planning to share? I thought about scrambling to shoot a few more, but then just decided... Bah. My blog, my rules! And if a double dose of Seven Snaps occasionally contains an insufficient number of pictures, that's life.


  1. You make the rules!! Yes on being kinder to yourself. I love the pictures of the kitties and the tea especially. Great roundup.

  2. Thanks, Angelina! Your comment felt like a big hug this morning.