Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Week at The Kitchn!

Want to help the Louisiana Seafood Industry? Eat Louisiana seafood.
• A wrap-up of my New Orleans trip and why I think Louisiana seafood is top-notch.

• I just realized that I haven't bought a loaf of store-bought bread in almost five years.

• The Arnold Palmer may just become my drink of choice this summer.

• Unless this pale ale from Kona Brewing Company wins instead.

• But then there's frozen lemonade as well. Ack! Too many choices!

Frozen Lemonade!
• I thought my old roomie was a little crazy for slicing bread before freezing. Turns out she's super smart!

• It's a quandary: what to eat before working out?

• Cookies are my personal picnic snack of choice. Here are ten recipes on my list.

• Awesome series from my newest best friend Dan Delaney: "What's This Food?!"

• Annoying to store, but these travel containers are super-handy in your time of need.

• Ever had Chinese long beans before?

• I could seriously eat oysters all day long. Here's how to shuck 'em.

• Counter-intuitive though it may be, a sharper knife is actually less safer. Butchers know best.

• Pies are on the brain
A sharp knife is a friend indeed.

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