Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ask Away! Have a Really Good Pulled Pork Recipe?

Say hello to Cheater's Pulled Pork. So good! (reviewed on The Kitchn)
From my lovely mother-in-law: Hey Emma, one of my friends is asking for a really simple pulled pork recipe. Any suggestions?

Glad you asked! In fact, I do have a really simple pork recipe. And doubly in fact, it's my most favorite pulled pork recipe ever. This is owing to the fact that it makes the best, most tenderest, and most flavorful pulled pork I have ever had the pleasure to put in my mouth.

I can't claim credit though. That goes to Mindy Merrell and R. B. Quinn, their book Cheater BBQ, and The Splendid Table radioshow for bringing the recipe to my attention in the first place. Here it is:

There are two secrets to this recipe. One is the use of a slow-cooker, which allows the tough pork butt (or shoulder) to slowly and gently cook into fork-tender perfection. The other is the addition of liquid smoke.

Now, friends, liquid smoke is not as scary as it sounds. It's really just smoke (real actual smoke) that's been distilled with water. It's legit. No artificial hocus pocus here. And it gives this cheater's pulled pork that infused smoky essence as if it has been sitting in a smoker for eight hours instead of just chillin' in the slow-cooker.

That's it! I love this recipe to porky little bits and have made it a great many times over the years, always to much critical acclaim. By the by, this slow-cooker method works equally well for cooking goat, beef, or lamb. Since I'm not always in the mood to taste camp fire, I sometimes leave out the liquid smoke and sub in some chicken or beef broth instead. Excellent stuff!

Go forth, friends. Go forth and pull.


  1. Do you have a favorite BBQ sauce or recipe for one?

  2. Hmmm...! For store-bought, I'm currently loving Trader Joe's All Natural Barbecue Sauce. It's not too sweet, a bit smoky, and nicely zesty.

    For homemade, I really love the Chipotle BBQ Sauce that's in this pulled pork recipe from Andrea's Recipes: This one for Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce is also very simple to make and awesomely sweet-and-tangy:

  3. Thanks! Going to try this today although I couldn't find the liquid smoke.