Monday, November 12, 2012

Seven Snaps! 11/3/12 - 11/9/12

They teach you how to do this in culinary school. "Fruit Balancing in a Too-Small Bowl 101"
Apologies for the plethora of food pix in this edition of Seven Snaps. It was one of those weeks where I got to Friday and realized that all I'd done was cook...all week long. Such is my life. This tarte tatin alone is totally worth three Seven Snaps pictures. It's so good. I'll put up the link once it's live on The Kitchn in the morning. (So good. Did I mention? Yes.)

The moment of Tarte Tatin Truth

TA DA! Forks for everyone!

I emailed this to my mom to say goodnight and her only response in the morning was, "You were up so LATE!" Moms. They never change.

Stuffing. Dressing. Whatever you call it, I love it.

Stir fry before...

....and stir fry after! (And about to be in my belly)

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  1. I haven't made tarte tatin in years. YEARS. I was anxious along with you as you prepared to unmold it (since you photographed the moment), but you did it. YOU DID IT.

    Now I want.