Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seven Snaps: Crazy Cat Lady Edition! 9/15/12 - 9/28/12

I'm squeezing this double dose of Seven Snaps in between one trip (back to Boston for family visits) and the next trip (up to Washington State for an apple picking press tour). You may notice a slight... preponderance...of cats in this week's round-up. These things happen. Max is our favorite East Coast cat and he resides with some of our favorite East Coast pals, with whom we usually stay when we're back in Boston. He's also uncommonly photogenic.

Not much in the way of news happening. Copyedits on True Brews are in (thank goodness) and I just saw the first sample design. Wowzas. It's pretty magical to see the recipes and the photos and the design all come together. In my totally biased opinion, this book is going to be a looker. Pub date is set for March 14, 2013, FYI. Feels like still so far away, but I have a feeling it will be here before I even realize it.

And so without further ado, I give you some snazzy snaps for your Sunday browsing pleasure:
Morning coffee date with my main squeeze


Beer-tasting notes!


Lunch in the park

Mushrooms, prepare to meet butter.
Scott's not digging the Virgin America party plane.
Ah, Boston.

Surveying the land

The Pru

I'm judging you.

Beignets at Highland Kitchen, what what!

Home again. Cat snuggles ensued.

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