Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seven Snaps! 7/21/12 - 7/27/12

Representing Somerville at the San Jose Craftbrew Fest

Staked out next to the food bowls. For obvious reasons. 
This recipe was AMAZING! My version will be up on The Kitchn on Monday afternoon.

Hand-embroidered by my grandma. Ironing it out for a photoshoot made me sniffle.

Coffeehouse Co-workers 
Wish me luck with this one

Found this one while clearing out my photo cache. Hugs!


  1. I love love love the tablecloth. I miss my grandparents too.

  2. What is that recipe notebook? Did you type that or is it a published cookbook that just looks like a hand typed recipe notebook? Very cool.

  3. Angelina - It's an old church cookbook of my great-grandmother's. All typed and then spiral bound. It's lovely.