Sunday, April 8, 2012

Seven Snaps(x2)! 3/31/12 - 4/6/12

SO HUNGRY! Feed me. (Meow)

One more month until the book is due, folks. I can't quite believe it's been a full year since I first started getting geeky about making things like beers and wines and kombucha and put together a book proposal to give myself an excuse to make all of them. I'm feeling fairly calm about the deadline, actually. The recipes are in good shape (...ok, more or less), a good chunk of the manuscript is done, and I'm feeling eager to jump into the rest of it. will be a relief to hit "save" one last time and send it off to the publisher. Until then, nose = to the grindstone.

We took a mini-vacation to Seattle and Portland last week, hence my lack of posting last week and the bounty of Seattle and Portland pics in this week's round-up. It was a good trip and a much-needed break before diving back into work craziness. It's been almost 10 years since Scott and I moved from Portland. Crazy how little and how much it's changed since then. Love that town. Lots more pictures from this trip to share, but here are the first handful.
The requisite Space Needle picture
Near Pike's Place Market

Laughing Planet Cafe in Portland - an old favorite

Settled in at Stumptown Coffee

My friend Rick does the best pirate impression


More Stumptown.

Voodoo Doughnuts! Scott wanted to get a dozen. I talked him down to six (one maple bacon doughnut was harmed in the making of this picture). Counterclockwise: maple bacon, Captain Crunch (aka Oh Captain My Captain), Oreo (aka Dirt Doughnut), Mango-Filled (aka Mango Tango), and Butterfinger in the middle (aka Butterfingering)

This guy totally knew I was trying to take a picture of him. He was a good sport. His beard was magnificent.

They haven't moved the furniture at Pied Cow for at least 13 years.

Cheese-tastic gougeres in progress!

I made this! And then I drank it. (P.S. An IPA, one of my favorite recipes from the book)

This shot was an accident, but then I kinda liked it.

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  1. I really love your photography! I especially love the cafe pics. I kind of can't believe it's been a year since you started on this book either! It seems like you just started yesterday. If you need notes from Philip on the plum wine - you need to bug him about it. We already drank it all and it was good - I wish we would have let at least one bottle age for a whole year because I think it would have gotten to be pretty spectacular.