Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seven Snaps! 2/18/12 - 2/24/12

It's totally geeky, but yeah...I got shivers walking across this. 
Winter skyline

Kiwi Tart - a riff on this recipe by my friend Emily because the kiwis looked so good.
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Vineyards in the off season
Barrels awaiting their wine.

Unbelievably good salted chocolate cookies from Molly Wizenberg.
This week got away from me a bit, so I admit that most of these photos are from a trip down to Santa Cruz and another up to Napa during a visit from Scott's mom. Those cookies, I made those on Thursday for a lunch with some friends. The first half of the batch was nibbled by us and then divvied between my friends for later snacking. The second half is in my belly.

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