Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seven Snaps: 1/7/12 - 1/13/12

1/7/12 - Flipping naan from the tandoor at the farmers market.

1/8/12 - Bird-watching perch and pillow.

1/9/12 - Sprinklers in the middle of January. Only in California.

1/10/12 - My favorite place to shop.

1/11/12 - Just out of reach.

1/12/12 - Waiting for 3pm.

1/13/12 - A bit of Narnia in the suburban wilderness of Sunnyvale.
I have been having a blast playing around with these pictures using various apps on the iPhone. An absolute blast. So far, I've just been wandering around my neighborhood snapping shots of various lawn ornamentation and bits of California greenery. (Side note: greenery that's actually green in January is still kind of magical to me.)

I didn't start out intending to only take iPhone photos, but that's how it's turned out. I love my SLR dearly, but it's big and draws a lot of attention to itself when I'm wandering around on my daily errands. By contrast, the iPhone is small, discrete, and takes surprisingly good pictures.

The shots I'm taking aren't anything particularly amazing, but it's a) gotten me to think outside of the box...or rather, the kitchen, b) helped get me into a daily habit of taking photographs, and most importantly, c) super fun.

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  1. SO beautiful! I love all of these, and I miss that naan-flipping man. I'm pretty sure he's the same guy at the Wednesday San Jose market in the summer. Pretty, pretty!